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February 2023

St. Alexis-des-Monts, QC

2023 Lamborghini Winter Accademia hosted customers from across Canada, the USA and Puerto Rico, who travelled to Northern Quebec for a dynamic 2-day experience with Lamborghini on the snow and ice. Upon arrival at Hotel Sacacomie, guests participated in their choice of dog sledding or snowmobiling, before heading down to the ice track for cocktails and hot laps in the dark. Day two was spent trackside where guests learned exhilarating driving maneuvers from Squadra Corse instructors in the STO, Evo & Urus models.
FEL managed all lakeside operations, with vehicle management handled through ALA/ALC’s contracted detailer. FEL provided vehicle fuel, a technician to support Lamborghini technicians and local professional drivers
to supplement the Squadra Corse instructors. Pre-event, FEL worked with the hotel for the month of January to prepare the lake. FEL collaborated with Lamborghini's AOR, 7 Communications on this event, with 7Comm handling all guest registration and hospitality. Three successive waves of guests enjoyed driving in conditions not attainable anywhere else in North America. A 2+ km ice circuit with additional exercises spaces provided opportunities to slide amazing Lamborghini vehicles safely, with minimal risk to guests and products.