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Lamborghini Esperienza Neve 2024

Lamborghini Automobili Canada

February 2024

St. Alexis-des-Monts, QC

The 2024 Lamborghini Esperienza Neve hosted customers from across North America who travelled to Hotel Sacacomie in Quebec for a 2-day experience with Lamborghini on the snow and ice. Upon arrival at Hotel Sacacomie guests participated in a chosen activity, dogsledding or snowmobiling, before being hosted in the evening on the lake for cocktails and hot laps in the dark. Day two had guests driving on the bespoke ice track learning from Squadra Corse instructors in Urus, STO and Sterrato models.
Through our exclusive ice access at Hotel Sacacomie, FEL managed lakeside operations including ice preparation and hospitality tent arrangements. With unseasonably warm temperatures in the program's lead-up, FEL and
Hotel Sacacomie's ice preparation crew worked almost double previous years' hours in creating a proper driving surface. Lamborghini's Canadian AOR handled all hospitality details and their contracted detailer managed vehicle care. With FEL, the collaborative effort presented guests the unique opportunity over five waves of programming to enjoy driving Lamborghini's amazing vehicles in conditions not attainable anywhere else in North America.