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KIA EV6 Media Event

Kia Canada

March 2022

Mississauga, ON

Ontario based media members were invited to Kia head office in Mississauga to take part in an interactive and intimate first look at the all-new EV6. In order to comply with government Covid-19-restrictions, journalists were invited by appointment (to limit the indoor gathering head count) to take part in a product presentation as well as a vehicle walk around with the Kia executive team.
The V2L component was on display as it powered a golf simulator which also added a fun addition to the space as guests were encouraged to take part in the “Longest Drive Contest”. This contest not only included who
could hit the golf ball the farthest, but also who could get the farthest range while test driving the EV6.Members of the Quebec media were also given the opportunity to test drive the EV6, however, cars were delivered directly to their houses. Quebec media were also given the chance to preview the 2023 Sportage which was on display at Kia Regional Office.