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Genesis Electrified Drive

Genesis Canada

January 2023

Quebec, CA

Historic Quebec City was the host location of the 2023 Genesis Electrified Media Drive! Eight Canadian media members were invited to test the range limits of the all-new GV60 on the open road. Journalists spent an evening at the cozy and charming Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City.
Upon arrival guests were given the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, take part in an archaeological tour or to simply enjoy some free time at leisure. Guests attended a product presentation followed by
an evening of premium hospitality at Chez Muffy where the chef designed a special tasting menu paired with wine for the media to enjoy. The next day guests embarked on a scenic road drive from Quebec City to Montreal. The first stop of the day was at Genesis de Quebec for a tour and presentation, followed by a break for lunch at Archibald’s Mircobrasserie. The Genesis brand experience ended at the Humanti Hotel in Montreal. As part of the Genesis premium brand experience, FEL provided tier one hospitality, logistics operation, learning and promotion opportunities and turn-key management services.