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FEL Motorsports Season 2

FEL Motorsports


Race tracks in Ontario and Quebec

The focus for season 2 of the Sport Car Championship Canada (SCCC) and the Emzone Radical Cup Canada (RCC), both presented by Michelin, was simply to expand on the success of the first. To continue to provide prospective Canadian talent with a professional platform to build their brand and racing skills while also continuing to deliver high quality content for fans thorough the country. Beyond the expansion and diversification of each series’ car count, FEL Motorsports took active steps to continue to see its goal become a reality in the Canadian racing landscape. Steps included the extension of valuable partners such as Ontario Tech University and Emzone and the commitment to a second season of broadcasting for the SCCC with production house, Fuel MediaLab. In addition to this, FEL Motorsports further legitimized itself in the global motorsports scene by announcing the singing of a three-year deal with World Sporting Consulting (WSC) to acquire an official TCR license and further, through the inclusion of two marquee events on its calendar – the Honda Indy Toronto and the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.
In 2022, FEL Motorsports hosted a twelve race championship for the SCCC and a ten race championship for the Emzone RCC spanning seven race weekends in total. Fuel MediaLab produced a total of five 1-hour broadcasts
which were aired in both of Canada’s official language on TSN and RDS. From the start, FEL Motorsports was about providing a legitimate steppingstone for Canadian drivers to excel in the international scene, and season two was proof of this. Jonathan Woolridge, the 2022 Emzone RCC champion, has gone on to win races in the LMP3 class of the IMSA VP Racing SportsCar Challenge; while Zachary Vanier, the 2022 GT4 class champion, has seen success in the Porsche Sprint Challenge North America.