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FEL Motorsports Season 1

FEL Motorsports


Race tracks in Ontario and Quebec

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, FEL Motorsports set out on a mission to invest in the revitalization of Canadian motorsports. The method? The creation of two premium, professional racing series which not only provide entertaining motorsport content to fans, but also a legitimate steppingstone for Canadian talent to compete on the international stage of Motorsport. With this in mind, the Sports Car Championship Canada (SCCC) and Radical Cup Canada (RCC) were born.
Combining passion and experience with over 30 years of top-tier automotive event activations for OEMs, FEL Motorsports has set the stage for the best possible Sports Car and Radical racing series in Canada.
In 2021, FEL Motorsports hosted a twelve-race championship for the SCCC across six race event weekends while simultaneously hosting an eight-race championship for the Radical Cup Canada. Three of the Sports Car Championship Canada races were broadcast nationwide on TSN and RDS and two of the Radical Cup Canada races were livestreamed on the FEL Motorsports YouTube channel to provide added value to series sponsors and motorsport fans.