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Audi e-tron experience

Audi Canada

Sept - Nov 2022

Cross Canada Tour

Led by Audi Canada Academy trainers, the Audi e-tron experience featured trainer-led and participant-led activities. For the dealer learning program, facilitating e-activation and e-mobility messaging were the primary objectives, such as brand strategies, providing simple and concise descriptions to showcase customer benefits and boosting product enthusiasm.
The Audi e-tron Experience was designed to demonstrate Audi’s core e-tron goals: engaging performance, sophisticated design, and intuitive technology—all while offering innovation, comfort, and efficiency.
For the customer experiential program, providing a premium Audi e-tron experience to prospects and customers who had ordered vehicles was the objective. The program offered an opportunity to get hands on time with all the Audi e-tron models, including test driving, delivered in an premium hospitality setting.