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Audi Driving Experience Fall 2023

Audi Canada

October 2023

Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, BC

The Audi driving experience offered a day long brand experience on Vancouver Island. FEL worked cooperatively with other Audi agency partners to deliver the event, delivering an experience demonstrating the capabilities of Audi's vehicles. Following a morning of Audi lifestyle activities, guests arrived at the Vancouver Island Motorsports Circuit. After a brief Audi e-tron presentation, participants broke out into three groups for dynamic driving activities: slalom, acceleration/braking and cornering. The group was hosted by an Audi EV expert who was able to tailor messaging to the guests to meet their personal expectations and experience.
Once guests had experienced all three dynamic activities, they put the elements together in a lead-follow lapping session. Finally, guests rode shotgun with an instructor for a hot lap of the track, experiencing an
even higher level of what the vehicles were capable of. To end the day, guests enjoyed dinner at a local, high end restaurant. FEL provided operations and on-track management.