Annette McLeod Fund Raiser Karting Event



Annette McLeod is an automotive journalist known to many in the community. Annette is battling cancer and FEL is hosting an event at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s DDT Event Centre and Mosport Kartways Saturday September 15, 2018.
The event will begin with lunch followed by an afternoon of karting with some of Canada’s greatest racers. A silent auction, snacks and cocktails will close out the event. The cost is $250.00 per person. All proceeds will go to start an education fund for Annette's 9 year old son Callum.
Take a minute to read Annette’s story below and we hope you will join us.

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In addition to participating in this dynamic event,
you can donate directly on Annette’s GoFundMe page.

Annette's Story

I’m 48. If the doctors are right, I will die in the next couple of years.
I have Stage 3 ovarian cancer, which even under the “best” circumstances comes with a prognosis of five to seven years. I have a preexisting liver condition that precludes the usual surgical treatment. That leaves me with chemo and radiation. Chemo … sort of worked? Maybe? The jury is still out. Radiation is next. If I’ve learned anything in the six months since my diagnosis, it’s that medicine is an imperfect, incomplete and deeply personal science, the human body remains mysterious and doctors don’t know everything. Read More ⇒


This event is first and foremost about having a safe, fun day and there is no experience required. All you need to be is 16 years old and all you need to know is the Go pedal is on the right and the Wow pedal is on the left.

The format of the event will be an endurance race (time TBD depending on the number of entries) with teams of 5. If you have a group that has less than 5 drivers, then you simply chose which of your drivers will drive the additional stints. If you have more than 5, you can simply split up your team and make 2 or more teams.

FEL has reached out to some great racing drivers and we will post their names here on this website and inform everyone as we get commitments. Our goal is to have a professional driver join each team as a teammate and driver coach. FEL will be reaching out to many in the industry to participate. Please pass this link around to our friends and be sure to register your team early.

If you have any items you would like to donate for the silent auction, please feel free to reach out to Julia Reball at and these items will be posted as time moves on.